5 Best Prom Dresses for this Season

Once again prom season has arrived and with it are all of the best styles and trends for 2014. Having just the right prom dress for that special night is important and you want to make sure you look your best and feel fantastic so you can really stand out and enjoy your evening. There are a number of trends this year to keep in mind when you are looking for a prom dress and here are five of the top prom dress styles for this season that you may want to keep an eye out for when you are shopping.

  1. High Slits – This year the high slit look is in. This design adds a great look of sophistication and finesse to your outfit. It is a very daring look that can be very attractive and adds a real sense of maturity to your look, especially for those who may have longer legs that they want to accent in their dress.
  2. Lace Detail – Lace does not just bring a great deal of elegance and class to your dress but also gives your dress a great touch of femininity. Whether you are going for a complete lace overlay look or just some small accents on the neckline or hemline of your dress, the lace look that has been very popular in formal and bridal wear recently has also translated into the prom dress market.
  3. Pastel Colors – Even though bright colors for many are something that seems to be the choice this year, classic pastel colors such as a light pink or a mint or also very trendy. These colors have been all over the fashion magazines all year long and have continued into many of the styles that are seen in prom dresses this year.
  4. The Sheer Look – The illusion of a sheer look is something that is also quite popular in prom dresses this year. The sheer bodice is something that is definitely in for this prom season and is seen in countless designs all over to go along with the exposed necklines.
  5. Bustiers – Having a dress that has a bustier is a great way to really emphasize and flatter your figure this year. A bustier top with a flared or flowing skirt can give great accent and provide you with a beautiful hourglass figure that is sure to get attention.

There are many great classic, new and modern styles available this year for your prom dress. You want to make sure to choose the dress that suits your personality and figure the best to provide you with the best look that you can have on this most special night of you high school career

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