Top Ten Fantasies That Women’s Have !

It’s normal & common for women to have BDSM and Wild Sex fantasies.  If you think women don’t sit around fantasizing about very naughty things, think again. Women are experts when it comes to dreaming up the sauciest of fantasies, and they don’t bother limiting themselves to the traditional. The top […]

Why Men Love girls in Lingerie

If your husband is a lingerie lover, have you ever wondered why he loves lingerie? Have you fought hard to smile every time another slinky negligee, teddy, or sexy corset is wrapped up as a present? The truth behind that silky garment is more than meets the eye! We love […]

Do you have a prefect body ?

Do guys actually expect girls to have ideal bodies, as the ones they see on TV, movies, magazines or porn? I’m a bit scared to do anything with my boyfriend, because I have stretch marks, pimples, body fat here and there, my boobs aren’t nice to see… And I fear […]

Long-Distance Relationships

So far away, you are there and I am here. Still I want so bad to touch you. I want you to feel me inside of you. I want to make you feel things you have never felt before. They say its about not just the body but the mind […]

Dress Hotness Survey : Dress selected by men

Dress hotness survey is done across the world to find the dress which make men super excited. Few dress are obvious once but few are complete surprise. Heating Things Up 79% of men want a peek at your cleavage.   Softness 72% of men want to cuddle up with a […]

Tips to have positive body image

Be naked. A lot. Sleep naked. Have sex naked. Eat cereal naked. (Or naked and wrapped in a sheet. Favorite thing.) Follow beautiful, confident, (un-photoshopped) body-positive babes on the Internet. Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure. Exposure is key. You’re not going to get it if you don’t seek […]

Girls Self Confessions – What men cant resists.

“Sometimes I take my boyfriend browsing in lingerie stores. Being surrounded by that silky stuff turns us both on. When we get home, I show him my own lacy undies.” –Finula(*), 27 “I bend over my man and lightly drag my long hair over his back, butt, and legs. He […]

Understand the stage of Women Pleasure

Understand your own pleasure cycle. 1. Arousal/Excitement What happens during this stage:  When a female becomes sexually excited, blood flow increases in the vaginal walls, allowing for lubrication to occur, and resulting in swelling of the external sex parts (opening, labia, clitoris). Pulse and breathing quickens and the skin may […]

Tips for healthy Sex life

Sexual communication isn’t just about speaking up when something is uncomfortable: it’s about being able to talk to your partner about what you like. Making your partner guess what you’d enjoy can be frustrating to him or her, but if asked in the right way the request can be sexy […]

Do Skirts Get Shorter When Wealth Declines?

George Taylor, an economist at Wharton School in the 1920’s, claimed there was an inverse relationship between the state of the economy and skirt lengths. Today we discuss whether or not rising skirt lengths could fuel economic growth with new research suggesting that men exposed to sexily-dressed women increase their […]

What Your Dress Style Says About Your Sex Life

Your sense of style and the type of clothing you choose to wear is a reflection of who you are, your personality, lifestyle preferences, and confidence. What does your dress say about your sex life? Not only does your bandage dress style reveal how you interact with colleagues, strangers, and […]

Sex Toys: A must to have an exciting sex life

Today, more than 40% of the men and women use vibrator during sex to enhance the sexual pleasure.Not only do men experience the pleasure perks of using a sex toy, but women too have reported better orgasm and stimulation after using vibrators. Men claim that by using sex toys, their […]